Who am I?

I apply math to solve tangible problems by striking an appropriate balance between concreteness and abstraction. My current academic interests include behavioural economics and discounting, game theory, optimal transport and its applications, and modelling.

Having spent the past seven years dedicated to courses, research, and student jobs, I am now looking to apply my diverse set of skills and experiences to help tackle problems outside of academia. My interests are varied, and I am not restricting my job search to any one field or industry. Most important to me is the opportunity to collaborate with others on challenging and fun problems.

What do I get up to?

  • Education

    From my childhood to my bachelor's in Ottawa and finally my master's in Vancouver, I have been in school for almost my entire life.

  • Professional Experiences

    In addition to my lifetime of studenthood, I have also regularly engaged with the professional world through co-operative education and student jobs.

  • Personal Interests

    My academic and professional resume paints an accurate but incomplete picture of myself. Between athletics and competitive hobbies, I like to keep myself busy outside of work.

Classical Resume

A one size fits all CV is generally a bad idea. With that in mind, here is my generic resume.